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Save Townsville Women's Centre

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The foundation is powered by thirty local professional women from law, media, property development, health and small business. A unque aspect about the foundation is that it is also strongly supported by professional men in the community. The team is strongly committed to real and positive outcomes for less fortunate North Queensland women and children by:


Raising awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence in our community


Empowering the Townsville Community to contribute to the change of attitude regarding domestic violence, primarily working with males to stamp out domestic violence.


Actively raising financial assistance for the Townsville Women's Centre.


Connecting local networks to assist the Townsville Women's Centre in practical ways.

Funding Goals

Sky Foundation welcomes partnership and sponsorship opportunities with individuals and organisations that share our vision of an Australia community free from violence aganist women and their children.

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You can donate money directly to Sky Foundation by Direct Debit. Or you can donate non-perishable foods, clothes and other essentials to the Townsville Women Centre. Monies recieved through this website will directly support the Townsville Women Centre.

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$575,000 Raised
$4,300,000 Funding Goal